Helvete-Magazine was launched in 2004 as a Norwegian / Mexican magazine, that mainly wrote about less known bands, festivals, record reviews and interviews as well as concert reviews of already known bands.

In 2007 we changed over to having our base solely in Norway, but as a Norwegian / English magazine while we also continued our cooperation with our Mexican and Spanish colleagues. The Helvete-Magazine crew are a bunch of people who all are passionate about metal music. 2007 was also the year we started up The Hard & Heavy Tour. A holiday in the sun with ones peers and a metal festival where we could promote Norwegian unknown bands outside Norway’s borders, and get to know new Spanish metal bands.

Helvete-Magazine will continue to put a spotlight on new and talented bands and in that occasion we also started up Hard & Heavy Management in 2013 to substantially promote Norwegian bands at home and abroad. And where it is possible we try to get bands in concerts and on festivals.

Do not hesitate to send us your CD / promo / demo so we can make a presentation of the band as well as a record review and possibly promote you through our new management and our collaborators.

In September 2014, we celebrated our 10 years anniversary and in that occasion we arranged a party together with our collaborators Radar Booking at John Dee, with bands we’ve worked with through the years of our existence. Now we strive for 10 more years and we thank you all for your support and the patience you have shown us through all this years.

We welcome your tips and ideas for bands and etc that you would like to hear more about.

All the best from us at Helvete-Magazine

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