Vredehammer – Adds their soul in the music

Since 2009, they have become bigger and bigger. With many releases behind them, Eps and full lengths, a Grammy nomination and concerts at home and abroad. It does not seem that it stops there. Vredehammer are not known to be lazy. The band is now ready to release a new studio album. «Violator» released 5th February this year and the world waits in anticipation. Per Valla, founder and guitarist in the band, was recently session guitarist in the band Abbath. But he chose to terminate his employment in the band.
– It was cool to get the chance to play with one of my childhood heroes and it was an experience I will not forget, but now it’s like I simply felt comfortable as a session musician. When all was said and done I wanted to work hard with my own band Vredehammer. I did not get a lot of time when I played with Abbath and therefore found that the right thing for me was to jump off the bandwagon and continue with my own project and especially focus on publishing the new record «Violator».

Adds soul of the music.
Per tells us that music has always been his passion and Vredehammer has been a steady progression throughout.
– We’re constantly growing as a band and it seems like we have a long way to go before we have reached our potential. Right now we have a little  break to get us back on our feet after having invested heavily in the tour in recent years. This has been a challenge financially and now we have to spend some time to get turned economically. As soon as this bit is done, we will be back on the road -stronger than ever!

Furthermore, says Per that he has always been very focused  in his work with music. And believes it is important to set high goals. The journey is far from over, and the main man himself is convinced that Vredehammer is going to be an important band in the coming years. Vredehammer adds soul to the music, which is reflected in the band’s material.

The album «Violator» has been released on February 18. «Violator» is not as «black metal» as the earlier discs might have been, but it is more focused on heaviness and groove.
How has the feedback been like?
– The feedback has been fantastic! We notice that people were really looking at the new material, and the attention surrounding the band is bigger than ever before. Definitely a big step for us, says Per satisfied.

Quiet touring front
Pr. Moment is quiet on the concert front of Vredehammer. Besides the concert at Blast Fest in February and Inferno in March. The guys still have nothing concrete yet in place. But tells us that the fall will definitely be ready for a tour. Whether headlining, co-headliners or direct support before a larger band. As you know that Vredehammer have been related to Carach Angren.
– As some may know Clemens / Ardek made intros on two of our releases and through this we have become good friends. The guys from this band are extremely pleasant people and we crave their music. A tour with Carach had been cool. Who knows, maybe we end up traveling with them this fall, says Per with a sly smile.
Netflix, nails and metal
Despite Vredehammer is a time consuming band, Per tells us that he works as a carpenter during the day. To unwind, he trains weights. Per also admits that he is a real television slave.
– Netflix is active in the evenings, he says laughing.
The band signed with Indie Recordings. The band had as a goal to sign with a bigger company than they had last time we were in contact with the guys. The next goal is to get out at festivals and slowly make the band into a source of income.
– This is not done overnight, but we have a plan and hopefully the pieces will begin to fall into place very soon.