ABYSSIC – Live at Betong, Oslo


One autumn night full of cold wind, maybe it was a good sign for what we would see in Betong, but when I arrived, Oh !! There was surprisingly not many people there … but it got better with the passage of minutes and when ABYSSIC took the stage the room was half ful.

This would be the first time I’d see this band, and that little music I had heard a few days ago, I had the intrigue of seeing the band live and corroborate what I had thought.

My expectations were very high, as they are quality and experienced musicians and they didn’t disappointed.

Finally the band was ready to start the show and from the first pitch I understood that this would be one of those shows that leave you with your mouth open for many who were there, with a mixture of atmospheric black metal/melodic and guttural voices tearing your skin to chicken skin.

A slow metal but as I mentioned before the melodic and atmospheric and some touch of speed which not makes it become monotonous where the music envelops us in its melody.

One of the big surprises was to see that Ole Karlsen (Gromth) was in charge of the tearing screams and which perfectly complemented the songs. Unfortunately they only had 30 minutes to play and with the songs «A Funeral Elegy» and «Sombre Dreams» they only left us wanting to hear more … Fortunately their debut album will be released soon, good for Andre Aaslie and co. Once again he and his mates surprised us with their music and we will surely hear more of this band in the future.


Photo (PROMO)