We were talking to Dario Anderhub from the band Cancel to know a little more about them.

Who started the band, where and when?

Dario Anderhub (Bass): The band was started in 2011 in Eschenbach, a small village about 20 minutes from Lucerne in Switzerland. Remo. Flurin and myself  had already played together in a punk band and then started to jam with If, since they all wanted to do something heavier. That was the beginning of the band.

 Who plays in the band now and what are they playing?

DA:  Yves Bucher (Drums), Flurin Steiner (Guitar), Remo Stalder (Vocals), Felix Mechelke (Guitar), Dario Anderhub (Bass)

 Who has inspired you?

DA:  To get into hardcore and metalcore music it was bands like Comeback Kid, The Ghost Inside and Parkway Drive.

Remo Stalder (Vocals): For me it’s Converge, Every Time I Die, Norma Jean, Blacklisted and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

 Why this name? And tell us the meaning of it. 

DA:  There’s no meaning. We actually started as Cancel The Sky, because our drummer read this words in the subtitles of a movie when he was on vacation and found it cool as a band name. During the recordings of our new album we all thought the “The Sky” doesn’t fit to our sound anymore, so we just got rid of it.

 Have you released an album? If so, when and what’s the name of it?

DA: Yes, our debut album “Circle” was released in September 2015.

Have you played with any famous bands?

DA: Yes, not a lot though. August Burns Red played a club show in our hometown of Lucerne, so we just asked the club owner if we could support them, it worked and was a lot of fun.

What’s the plan for the future?

DA: We’re going to release our second full-length soon and will play a release show on 12th May in Lucerne. With the new album we want to tour and play shows as much as we can. By the end of the year all members will be done with their studies, so we’ll have a lot of time in 2019.

To check out the band futher you can visit their webpage: