Mork & Order at «Blå»

«Pure Fucking Frenzy» – Mork and Order at «Blå» in Oslo, 28. October 2016.

«Blå» is a rare and rough gem in an Oslo that becomes more and more influenced by money-focused real estate developers. Lately, «Blå» has survived threats of losing their permission to serve alcohol and thereby be swept off the map of a the city with governing powers increasingly hostile towards culture. Fortunately «Blå» won this time.

This dark October evening, 2 massive Norwegian Black Metal bands visits «Blå»; Mork and Order, and we step into the darkness as we wouldn’t want to miss this!

It is an absolutely fantastic mood among the audience and «Blå» is replenished increasingly. The wind blows hard tonight, and its coldness is like a foretaste of what we can expect to get at «Blå».  Luckily we arrive early as Mork takes the stage already at 20:30, and from their initial first riff they let us know that this will be a night of demons. Mork is as we know a «one man band», but Thomas has chosen his live musicians to bring Mork’s black metal to the people, with a clever hand. We get a solid dose of what might be called good old Norwegian Black Metal.

When Order appears, they take «Blå» with a tremendous force. Order have the audience in the palm of their hands as they enter the stage and shows us that madness is undervalued. And it is a liberating madness. Tonights concert is a walk outside the «box» where right and wrong does not exist, evil or good is not important. It is back to the origin. Back to the roots. The Second Coming of Pure Fucking Armageddon.

It gets pretty wild in front of the stage, with flamboyant dancing and arms the air and hands formes as \m/. Billy Messiah chants to the audience, sings from a big red pentagram marked book, holding his head with both hands while screaming. The rest of the band is more like a solid backdrop for this seance, without meaning that they end up standing in Billy Messiahs’ shadow for that reason. The guitar riffs hang heavy and hypnotizing over the stage, occasionally like the roaring of a motor. The band on stage sometimes disappears in a white fog of smoke and light. Order is so good and so consistently extreme and so heavy, and last but not least; they have a crazy good energy. Their set consists of: “Folly Grandeur”, “Savage”, “Winter” cover av Celtic Frost’s “Procreation of the Wicked”, “Order”, “Torquemada”, “The Prophet”, “Dugma», “Victimized» and at the end the cover by Mayhem’s “Deathcrush”.

In hindsight, it is not so easy to agree on which band was best, but that this has been an exceptionally good night for Black Metal fans we agree on without a doubt.

Text: Tina & Asmodeus Photo: Tina Pammer