Rocktober Festival 2016

We checked into the hotel next door to the festival and were absolutely ready for Rocktober. It was amazing that so many people from Oslo had found their way to this village and a guy I spoke with had travelled all the way from Stavanger just to enjoy the Michael Monroe Show.

First band out was Coverman as we had been told was dissolved and this therefore was the last gig they where playing … Too bad for all of us who travel on the Hard & Heavy Tour because  this band we had really looked forward to seeing play down there in the sunny island. I’ve seen this band many times before and this was by far the best concert I’ve seen with them … Thought that either this was because this was the last gig or that they decided that they would certainly not stop playing anyway. This was raw as hell and the main reason that we in Helvete Magazine took the trip out to the midle of nowhere this night. Party songs came in a row; «Breaking The Law», «Nitetrain», «Wild Child,» «Love Gun,» «We’re Not Gonna Take It» before they gave us some Judas Priest that I actually tonight think was better than the original, if you ask me. We did of course also got served «Ace of spades» before they finished with a good old Norwegian hit that I had almost forgotten about; «Boom Boom» and I’m just saying «Allah and my holly God» (that is a strofe in the song) … this really trembling the earth so much that they may just not split up. And I was quite  happy when I was confirmed by a band member after the gig that they’re going to re-occur in  not too long ?

Then it was Carburetors turn and it was full punch from the first stanza. A little to load for my ears, so despite how cool the band really is and how good the atmosphere was it become troublesome for us who didn’t use ear plugs. We saw them at Rock The Boat not long ago and sonically it was way better there than here. We therefore got a good opportunity to take a little food break while they where keeping on with their show. With these guys you know that it becomes party whatever the weather is…

We got back in time to watch Backstreet Girls and I think they were much better here than at Karmøygeddon where I saw them the last time. Good sound & show and the audience was incredibly grateful. Petter made his solo’s as usual and you do not really know. There’s always surprises how ever when they enter the stage.

Then it went towards the end and it was ready for «The Gran Finale». Michael Monroe give such a degree of him-selves. «Saatanan Perkele voi vittu» … it was hotter than hell. Even a Finnish resident living in Gjerdrum had o go home to find his Finnish football scarf just to show the pride of being a Finnish on Rocktober tonight. Full house and a really high party factor when Michael plays with the audience from the stage. No-one wanted this to end.

It is always nice to be on Metal events here, although it can be dificult to return from here, but luckily it’s a hotel right next door so we avoid the stress of that problem.

Text: Cayza & Photo: Tina