I was tipped off about a new band from Lillestrøm that played properly Glam Rock with big party factor. As encouraged as done might say, I got in touch with Sigurd on vocals, also known as Jizz, for a little update on the band. He and Michael, alias Magic Mick (MM) could tell us following …

Who started the band, where and when?

Jizz: I met Nikki on the «smoking corner» at secondary school. Having talked a little we found out that we had a common passion for ’80s rock. We decided quickly to start up a band that would be based on so explosive and wild stage shows as possible, and with Heavy rock songs with catchy choruses. Nikki knew a guitarist and drummer from Lillestrøm that we brought into the band. After a warming job of Suicide Bombers, where the father of our current guitarist playing, I & Michael started to chat. We quickly agreed Michael was what was missing in Wildnite.

MM: – I was so impressed with the stage show and the performance that this was something I really wanted to participate in.

Who plays in the band and what they’re playing?

Jizz: -Band consist of all original members, but in September 2015, we received a grant to madness, with our fantastic lead guitarist Michael Bjerkan. The band now consists of: Sigurd (Jizz) Søbye on lead vocals, Michael (Magic Mick) Bjerkan on Lead guitar, Marius (Nikki Starr) Tangen on lead bass, Daniel (Danny Deluxx) Marthinussen on lead drums and Kalle (Kailey Deville) Knut Moen the comp guitar.

Who has inspired you?

MM: -We love all the heavy of the 80’s and was very inspired by the style of dress and Partyattituden from precisely that period. To name a few concrete examples we might particularly inspired by bands like: Firehouse, Mötley Crüe, Whitesnake and of course TNT.

Why this name? And tell us the significance of it.

Jizz: -We should really be called «The Wild International Long Dicks and the Nipple Invasion Terror Erections» but since it was a bit long and pubs spoken we found out that we would cut it down with the first letter of each word. It was like we were Wildnite, he says with a smile.

Have you released any record? If so, what is the name?

MM: We are currently in the studio and plans to release a full album as soon as possible. The first single is already out on Spotify and before long several other streaming services. The song called «Into Your Eyes» and is a straightforward rock song we are very pleased with.

Have you played with some famous band?

Jizz: We have had the pleasure of playing with several major bands as the years have passed. It includes, bands like Suicide Bombers (NO), Baby Snakes (NO) and Lee Bains the III and the Glory Fires (US) and a concert organized by our management (Live Management) with Ronni Le Tekrø himself as special guest. We will continue to heat up for the Oslo band NiteRain (NO) on several occasions. The same shall we do with Quireboys (UK) on Lillestrom Kulturpub 3. September 2016, which we are eagerly looking forward to. Wildnite and Quireboys on the same stage is going to be completely hospitals, he adds smiling!

What are the future plans?

MM: The most important thing now is that we continue to work as hard as before and does not end up lazy! We just won the Oslo final of Emergenza at rockefeller, as well as got a space on Country patterning in UKM taking place in Trondheim. It is therefore now we must add that extra gear! The most important thing for us now is to get out the album as soon as possible and to get us out to make Wildnite known in several parts of the country.

Well, then we in Helvete Magazine wish the band good luck and if you want to check out the band a little more you can find them on facebook.