1. October 2018 Nettredaktør 0

We have spoken with Muert de Tenerife who is one of the bands that will play at the Canarias Hard & Heavy Meeting 2018. Who started the band, where and when?  –Muert came to this […]

Sons of Alpha Centauri

3. June 2018 Nettredaktør 0

Who started the band, where and when? Nick Hannon (NH): Me and Marlon started it all in 2001 in Faversham which is in Kent. Or at least that where the idea was sparked – the […]


5. May 2018 Nettredaktør 0

We were talking to Dario Anderhub from the band Cancel to know a little more about them. Who started the band, where and when? Dario Anderhub (Bass): The band was started in 2011 in Eschenbach, […]


29. July 2017 Nettredaktør 0

«Magic & Trollish … like a journey back to the time of the vikings… A worthy 6 on the dice» As always, I and my family spend our summer vacation at Træna and this summer […]


20. February 2017 Nettredaktør 0

Asmodeus got wind of a band from Cuba who awakened his interest and took a look into the band Unlight Domain. In 2005 in the city of Matanzas Cuba, the project Unlight Domain arises based […]

Mork & Order at “Blå”

5. November 2016 Nettredaktør 0

“Pure Fucking Frenzy” – Mork and Order at “Blå” in Oslo, 28. October 2016. “Blå” is a rare and rough gem in an Oslo that becomes more and more influenced by money-focused real estate developers. […]

Rocktober Festival 2016

25. October 2016 Nettredaktør 0

We checked into the hotel next door to the festival and were absolutely ready for Rocktober. It was amazing that so many people from Oslo had found their way to this village and a guy […]

Rockerazos Festival 2016

10. October 2016 Nettredaktør 0

The time was approaching eight in the evening when I came to this place called “Cosmopolite” and they just opened the doors and I was one of the first to enter the venue. Since it […]

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