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We have spoken with Muert de Tenerife who is one of the bands that will play at the Canarias Hard & Heavy Meeting 2018. Who started the band, where and when?  –Muert came to this […]

Sons of Alpha Centauri

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Who started the band, where and when? Nick Hannon (NH): Me and Marlon started it all in 2001 in Faversham which is in Kent. Or at least that where the idea was sparked – the […]


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We were talking to Dario Anderhub from the band Cancel to know a little more about them. Who started the band, where and when? Dario Anderhub (Bass): The band was started in 2011 in Eschenbach, […]


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Asmodeus got wind of a band from Cuba who awakened his interest and took a look into the band Unlight Domain. In 2005 in the city of Matanzas Cuba, the project Unlight Domain arises based […]


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I was tipped off about a new band from Lillestrøm that played properly Glam Rock with big party factor. As encouraged as done might say, I got in touch with Sigurd on vocals, also known […]